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When using your bar for the first few times,pre-soap the bar with a little shampoo, let the shower water run over it as you squeeze and gently rub the bar to work up a lather. As you wash, resoap your "washcloth" by squeezing and rubbing the bar again.
Daily use will keep the bar slightly damp so that the amount of time to lather the wool will be less.


Store your bar on a well drained soap dish.

         Soap in a Blanket    

This is our most popular product! Soap in a Blanket is a washcloth and soap all in one. Made from our own handcrafted soap and 100% wool, the designs on each bar are all original and one-of-a-kind. As the soap shrinks you'll be left with a hollow felt pad. Recycle this by  making a cut along the side and fill with catnip, potpourri or imagination!


Shipping not included

Orders taken via e-mail

Visa and MasterCard accepted

Rose Garbien