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Vegetable Soap

We handcraft all of our soap from all  natural vegetable ingredients:
coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil and essential oils. Our soaps are 4oz.bars that 
are available in seven scents:

Fine for all skin types. It is balancing, relaxing and stimulating. A good soap to use at the end of the day. Nice for children.

Take in a deep breath of this wonderful scent and sooth all your cares away!

Rosemary Mint
This scent says WAKE UP!! Great to use in the morning to get going. If you have teenagers you know what I mean!

Bay Rum
Spicy and refreshing. Bay is said to improve memory! Just think, you can get clean and smart too, what a benefit that is!!!

Tea Tree
This essential oil has very medicinal properties It's antibacterial, anti- microbial and antifungal. 

To me this screams "clean"
After a long day at work Spruce will ground you.

English Rose
Made from a combination of essential oils of Palarosa, Rosewood and Rose Garanium.

$4.50 each   
(without shipping)


Soap and Hand Cream



Lavender Hand and Body Cream

Made from all natural ingredients. It has the consistency of rich buttercream frosting! Not greasy, but silky. Contains soy lecithin, vitamin E and pure essential oils. This is a very perishable product that needs to be used soon after opening.     

2oz.     $10.00      
(without shipping)

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Rose Garbien